Last update: June 19, 2024 12:57

I place my private builds (Win32) of Mozilla Firefox.

June 19, 2024
Uploaded Firefox 127.0.1 x64 SSE3 private build.

1. Firefox Private Build

Last updated: June 19, 2024

1.1. Feature

These are my private builds of the Win32 version of Firefox. These builds are not the official builds of Mozilla. Personally made by me. Use it at your own risk. The features are as follows:

  • No installer.
  • Added my patches into a Source folder.

1.2. Download

Firefox 127.0.1 private build

Last updated: June 19, 2024
x64 SSE3

Firefox 127.0.1 [2024061811 en-US win32 tete009 x64 sse3 cspgo] (66.6MB)

  • MD5: c01821751d18ea0642eb8b6f98b25829
  • SHA1: e81e187165ad1ee3611be4df8086166d760ae99b
  • SHA256: 4c3978f90d328569741a7ef34ee70c9ae8f5cf10dcedb9e15f65a27a1ec8f482

Language packs:

Archives of new and old Firefox private builds

If storage space becomes low, old versions may be deleted without notice.

1.3. How to update my builds of Firefox (my own way)

Here is my usual way of updating my builds of Firefox:

  1. Uncompress the self-extracting file of my build into an appropriate folder.
  2. Open the folder in which an old version of my build has been installed and backup the following files and folders as needed.
    • searchplugins folder
    • plugins folder
    • tmemutil.ini file (if exists)
    • folder specified by the PortableDataPath (if portable mode is enabled)
  3. Remove the old version of my build.
  4. Restore the files and folders from backup into a new version as needed.
  5. Change Firefox's locale setting to your locale if necessary.
  6. Install a language pack if necessary.

1.4. How to localize the English version of Firefox

"Firefox private build" is English version, but you can localize it in the following way:

  1. First, install the XPI language pack. It will be possible to get the official packages from the following URL. Replace the part of (Firefox's version) with the string of Firefox's version (3.0.0, etc). It is necessary to match the version of Firefox and the version of the XPI language pack:
    •'s version)/win32/xpi/
    •'s version)/win32/xpi/
  2. Next, change Firefox's locale setting to your locale. Here are three examples:
    • Open or create the user.js file contained in the profile folder and add the following line.
      user_pref("intl.locale.requested", "ja");
    • Enter about:config in the Firefox's location bar and change the value of intl.locale.requested from en-US to your locale string.
    • Change the command-line string of Firefox like the following:
      "~\firefox.exe" -UILocale ja

2. Thunderbird Private Build

Last updated: March 4, 2019

These are my private builds of the Win32 version of Thunderbird. Thunderbird private build is no longer updated. These builds are not the official builds of Mozilla. Personally made by me. Use it at your own risk. The features are as follows:

3. DLLs for My Private Builds

Last updated: October 4, 2023

You can replace the following DLLs with my Private Builds' DLLs.

3.1. Release DLL

Last updated: October 4, 2023

Release DLLs for My Private Builds of Firefox.

Memory Utility

Fixed a bug that may cause portabilization to fail.

tmemutil-20231004-x64.7z (58KB)
  • MD5: 3c0a9c88329dd1afb4b599f39af2e463
  • SHA1: 091077bf3360a8cd085ddfb6ffafaa6be8b5a482
  • SHA256: 87acdc00f6b22f90efbc9f0f84063187ee8222fcc953d695672874fef745f974

3.2. Beta DLL

Last updated: April 27, 2014

At present, there is no beta DLL.

3.3. Test DLL

Last updated: April 18, 2010

This is a test DLL to check if Release DLL or Beta DLL contain bugs. This DLL uses the original MS C run-time codes for most functions.

If the problem is eliminated by using the following DLL, that means there will be some bugs in an old DLL. In that case, I would appreciate it if you could provide me with the version number of DLL in which the problem exists.

Memory Utility

  • MD5: c992217ebb3156698ce3002737098018
  • SHA1: ac9e51f0d4385542d6d1280f277714dc76d92915

4. tete009 builds FAQ

4.1. Troubleshooting tete009 builds

Last updated: April 24, 2012

I can't change the locale of browser though I installed the language pack.

Please refer the following:

I can't run tete009 build. Or, C Run-Time Error R6034 occurs.

  1. If you overwrited tete009 build to the installation folder of other build, it can cause problems because of containing both old and new files in the same folder. If so, please install tete009 build in a new folder.
  2. An incompatible nssckbi.dll installed in a different directory can impede the startup of a new build. If so, please rename the old nssckbi.dll temporarily before trying to run the new build.

When Hyper-Threading technology is enabled, deadlocks do happen occasionally in a short amount of time.

When you open tmemutil.ini and set the value of ProcessAffinityMask to 1 or 2, tete009 build uses only a single logical CPU, so the symptom may improve.

I tried the above, but a problem still occurs in tete009 build.

Please try the following.

And yet, if there appears to be a problem with tete009 build, I would appreciate it if you could let me know the following information.

  • Details about the problem and the way to recreate it.
  • File name of tete009 build.
  • File name of DLLs for My Private Builds.
  • Enabled add-ons (extensions, themes, plug-ins).
  • OS and CPU name.

4.2. About tmemutil.ini

Last updated: September 19, 2013

The tmemutil.ini file is a text file that contains the initialization options for tete009 builds. When the tmemutil.ini file exists in the root folder of tete009 build, tete009 build will get initialization data from it. The following keys are currently supported in the [General] section.

[General] Section


Enable or disable portable mode. If this value is 0, portable mode is disabled (default). If the value is 1, portable mode is enabled.

If you enable portable mode, the paths of application data folder (identify it with CSIDL_APPDATA) and the local application data folder (identify it with CSIDL_LOCAL_APPDATA) are replaced into the subfolders (AppData and LocalAppData) of the folder specified by the PortableDataPath. It means data such as profiles is saved within the folder specified by the PortableDataPath.

To use the recent tete009 builds as portable mode, you also need to set the environment variable MOZ_LEGACY_PROFILES=1. Setting this environment variable will disable the specification changes of profile feature made in Firefox 67, and return to the old behavior. You can also write this environment variable in the [Env] section of the tmemutil.ini file.


Specifies the place to save the portable data, when enabled the portable mode. Default value is PortableData.

The PortableDataPath accepts a relative path. The relative path is based on the location of the root folder of tete009 build. If an error occurs when resolving the path, the default value (PortableData) is used for the PortableDataPath.


Specifies whether tete009 build creates a binary crash dump file when an unhandled exception occurs. If this value is 0, a crash dump file is not created (default). If the value is 1, a crash dump file is created. On Windows 2000, it requires dbghelp.dll version 5.1 or above.

When tete009 build crashes, it would be helpful if you could enable this option and send the created crash dump file to me. This helps me identify the cause of the crash.

When tete009 build is stable, please disable this option.


Specifies the type of crash dump file. The value is specified as a decimal number or a hexadecimal number (prefix 0x), which is combination of the values from MINIDUMP_TYPE. Default value is 0 (MiniDumpNormal).


Please refer to GdiSetBatchLimit. If this value is 0 (default), leaving it to Windows.


The affinity mask for the threads of tete009 build. This value is a bit vector. On single-processor systems, this value is ignored. If this value is 0 (default), leaving it to Windows. Please refer to SetProcessAffinityMask.

[Env] Section

Specifies environment variables. For example: MOZ_LEGACY_PROFILES=1

5. Others

5.1. XML Parser for Maruo Editor

Last updated: September 12, 2010

This is a macro of the 32-bit Maruo editor (秀丸エディタ) to parse whether the current document is a XML document. This macro uses MSXML for parsing documents.

XML Parser for Maruo Editor version 1.11 (Zip archive, 22KB)

  • MD5: ab8284ef9d45508d81200f0006211b42
  • SHA1: a7f91302d1920e15c6206b02026945bb92f8984f

5.2. NEF Thumbnail Extension for Windows 2000

Last updated: April 19, 2009

This is a shell extension, which permits Explorer to display the thumbnail images of Nikon's NEF files. Use at your own risk!

NEF Thumbnail Extension version 1.00 for Windows 2000 (Zip archive, 45KB)

  • MD5: 45EA546E12A8893B5833E1A1BE314AE9
  • SHA1: 93203B37F79713E26D3218D4A4A709F59A32CD07

5.3. PSAPI wrapper for PicLens on Windows 2000

Last updated: June 26, 2008

This DLL makes PicLens usable on Windows 2000. I confirmed this DLL worked well with Firefox.

PSAPI wrapper for PicLens on Windows 2000 version 1.00 (Zip archive, 1KB)

  • MD5: AE88186A751493067CE73328E27BE405
  • SHA1: 28BB93D26627CB5930F4A75860C383535D3CB69F


  1. Put PSAPI.dll in the folder that contains web browser's executable file (example: firefox.exe).
  2. Install PicLens.
  3. Run web browser.

If PicLens doesn't work, please disable it once and restart web browser. Run web browser again and enable PicLens.

5.4. Program Icon Changer (for Firefox & Thunderbird)

Last updated: April 30, 2012

This is a program icon changer (for Firefox or Thunderbird). I often hear the program icons of unofficial builds are not cool, so I made this changer. This changer may have a few bugs, so please create a backup copy of a target program before trying it.

Program Icon Changer (for Firefox? & Thunderbird?) version 0.04 (ZIParchive, 5KB)
  • MD5: c2b5528039656cb67152264385269354
  • SHA1: 25eb5b4748d517c814062afd3d4447b62efb7fdb
Requirements: Windows 2000 or later (Intel x86).

Image of Program Icon Changer

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