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Last update: August 9, 2022 21:18

Welcome to Tete's Atelier.
In my site, I publish the MIDI and MP3 data of Dragon Quest and Baroque Music, etc. I place software too.

August 9, 2022
Uploaded Firefox 103.0.2 private build.

1. Contents

1.1. Main

The private build of Firefox, etc. (Updated: August 9, 2022)
The MIDI and MP3 data of the Dragon Quest and Baroque Music. (Updated: August 3, 2013)

1.2. Message Board

Message Board
This site's message board. I look forward to your feedback about my contents.

1.3. Information

The history of my site.

2. Recent Updates

The following have extracted recent updates from the History of my site.

2.1. August, 2022

August 9
Uploaded Firefox 103.0.2 private build.
August 6
Fixed an issue where Firefox 103.0.1 private build could not be downloaded without being signed in to OneDrive.
August 1
Uploaded Firefox 103.0.1 private build.

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