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We have Tea for tea ceremony, flower for flower arrangement, and finally excel for Cell master! There are enormous numbers of VBA software in the world, but who on earth created this great software?  We want to see their first work!! I, webmaster of the site, am honored to have interviews with masters of VBA, and have the nerve to get their first work in this site! The section is well worth reading, which includes 1) why they created their works (can be downloaded!), 2) Advice on creating programs, 3) messages etc. How do we choose innovators??? Yeap, we use the "circle of friends" method to introduce the next innovator!

Question to the Masters
1 When was the first time you used Excel?
2 When is the first time you wrote VBA code?
3 If you average the time you are writing VBA code per day, how long would it be?
4 Which work is the one that you have the most special feeling for, and why?
5 Can you give any advice for the people who want to start learning VBA?
6 Could we publish some of your first work with VBA
7 Finally, can you give(or tell) us your focus when you are creating VBA, Advertisement, links, anything you want to say...

The Road Of Cell Masters Japanese version.
Masters are featured from all around the world!
The Road of the Cell Masters

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Masaaki Itoda


Perpetual Calender

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Yukihiro Matsumura


the card game, memory for EcxelVer1.30

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