Interview with itochan       Interviewed2002/9/5 

1:When was the first time you used Excel?

It was around Excel97 era, so it was about 1997..

2:When is the first time you wrote VBA code?

Same as above.. Until then, I've written Macro with Lotus123R2.4j, so it was relatively easy for me to start it.

3:If you average the time you are writing VBA code per day, how long would it be?

Well, I'm sometimes exhausted after few hours, but average is about 4-5 hrs a day. I start from 7 pm after coming back from work and having dinner. The work will continue up to 2~3 in the morning if I am in a good condition. However, I try to finish before 12, since it might affect my job tommorow because of my age..(?) After working on the VBA, I always get on the net, check mails and reply to the BBS before going to bed.

4:Which work is the one that you have the most special feeling for, and why?

'Excel process cart' or 'Excel process chart Light' which I have spent more than an year for development. Thanks to ymatsu, the work was developed with him. I was always inspired by him, and tried to catch up with his speed. so because of the fact that I tried really hard, I was satisfied and fulfilled when the work was completed.

5:Can you give any advice for the people who want to start learning VBA?

I don't think it is interesting in the begining, because you just have to study... I think you'd better create anything original to make it work. After that, you have this fulfillment or satisfaction of achievement. If you have this experience, you realize the depth of VBA, and also you will find development interesting. I can't be responsible if you become devoted yourself too much into VBA... he he he

6:Could we publish some of your first work with VBA

My pleasure! well,,, The early works of mine are uploaded in my HP, but the first one should be "Perpetual Calender", which appeared in a magazine for the first time.

7:Finally, can you give us your focus when you are creating VBA, Advertisement, links, anything you want to say...

I realized that I can't imitate ymasu's fast and sophisticated VBAs... Therefore, I'm into devloping interactive and user-friendly applications. I can't match him if I develop same kind of VBA, so I decided to go to a different stream. (hahaha) I think that 'cellvader' by Mr Chikada is one of the best VBAs, and I just can't imagine it is developed with Excel. Even though he said to publish the macro of the works, it is impossible for me to imitate it or even understand it.. m(__)m