First session with ymatsu          interviewed on: 9/1+/2002

1:When was the first time you used Excel?

Well, it was around the Windows 3.1 era, or Microsoft Excel version 5.0. At the time, I didn't have a PC at home, but I have used a PC as a word processor to create documents at work. As for functions, I just used Sum function, not Macros. I realized that Excel was useful software, when I went to the external training "basic usage of Excel"(which is really basic). Around the time, I bought a Dos/V (Pentium 75), and used Visual Basic 2.0 (I had been using the Basic since the PC-8801 period). When I was able to create something with it (the level is about VC++), I found out the there are Macro functions in Excel. However, VBA of the old Excel is completely different from VB, so I gave it up at the time.

2:When is the first time you wrote VBA code?

I think it was around the Excel 97 age(, which is getting more similar to VB), when I created macro to attach data to documents and submit it to the customers, (so that the work will be less hassle. ) I also created macro to manage schedules of when to visit customers. After that, I got to know the macro (the card game, memory) created by Mr Itoda, and a mook on VBA. That is the time when I realized What Excel can do, and I became interested.(At that time, there weren't as many reference books or materials as present. I still have the mook now. I couldn't imagine then that my work will be in the mook of the next version). It was the time when I started looking up Mr Itoda's HP, and our friedship has started.

3:If you average the time you are writing VBA code per day, how long would it be?

It is extreme, since there are days that I don't want to touch it at all, or do work on it all day. It might be around 1-2 hrs??

4:Which work is the one that you have the most special feeling for, and why?

Probably, the memory for Excel, which I created for the first time. Also, It took so much time to create the card game "sevens" for Excel, since I used Office assitant as well to setup how to display cards in detail. (I can create a macro in 1 day at present. Everyone tells me that I can create macro really fast, but I think the fact that I created complicated stuff at the time will help me a lot in these days.) Moreover, Network planning for Excel 2000 is one of the most important things in addition to the electoronic seal, since it is the first practical macro that I have created, so I would like to cherish those two as well.

5:Can you give any advice for the people who want to start learning VBA?

I am just out of beginners, but you should start from what you can do, because it is difficult to create what you want at first. After a while, your vision will be wider like when you climb a mountain and reach at the top. You will probably can see what kind of process other people are using to create a macro without looking at references of VBA. Saying that, I haven't memorized all the references of VBA, so every time I come up to the point where I can't understand, I try to refer to books/magazines etc. (also make use of the records of Macros too!!)

6:Could we publish some of your first work with VBA

First work of mine is Memory for Excel other than the one that I used at work. I couldn't find Ver 1.00, though I looked for it. so please try Ver 1.3 on my HP. (I think the version older than 1.3 was published in the magazine, "Windows Power Sep, 2000") 

7:Finally, can you give us your focus when you are creating VBA, Advertisement, links, anything you want to say...
Most important thing in VBA for me is an idea or a first inspiration rather than references. I'll get sick of it, thenit takes a long time to create one. (so I'll create it at once). It is interesting for me to think of something new or someting that other people can't think of..