member1960.jpg1960 John Paine, Bob Flick, Mike Kirkland and Dick Foley

member1972.jpg1972 Dick Foley, Bob Haworth, John Paine and Tom Coe

member1970.jpg1971 Mark Pearson, Dick Foley, Bob Flick adn John Paine

member1975.jpg1975 Dick Foley, Bob Haworth, Bob Flick and John Paine

member1990.jpg1990 Mark Pearson, Dick foley, John Paine and Bob Flick

2004BF.jpg2004 Mark Pearson, Mike McCoy, Bob Flick and John Hylton

member1996.jpg1996 Bob Flick, Terry Lauber, John Paine and Mark Pearson

goldenanniv.jpgThe Latest Brothers Four


The Brothers Four is born in about 1958, however the group had no name at that time. Mike Kirkland, Dick Foley, John Paine and Bob Flick were the students of the University of Washington in Evergreen State, WA.

In the Beginning

PICT0001.JPGSeattle view photo by YujiThey were in the fraternity members of "Phi Delta Gamma" the University of Washington. First they sang and played folk music "For the Fun Of It". Sometimes the number of them is four five or six. One day a telephone call from young lady made their lives change. "I'm a secretary of the 'Colony Club' manager. Manager has a plan to audition for the band in this club. Can you enter for it? " "Of course we can!" Then they went for 'Colony Club' audition with glee. But unfortunately the phone call was a prank by a classmate of them. The manager pitied them for their loss of hope. Then he auditioned them and he recognized their talent. The Brothers Four is born. This is a very famous story as the birth of The Brothers Four. This is the true story. The first compensation is "Free Beer".


The Brothers Four performs at "Hungry I" which is the famous folk-club in San Francisco.


Mort Lewis found them and introduced to CBS. They fly to New York and contract with CBS. They sign in July. They fly to New York on 4th July. Mike says it is the very impressive day. They stay in an apartment and rehersal day after day. The first historical hit single "Greenfields" is recorded at New York on the 28th of July.


"Green Fields" get a Top Sales on a record chart. Released the first album "The Brothers Four" .On May 22 They sing "Greenfields" in the Ed Sullivan Sow. On May 24, they also appear on TV show "Sing Along with Mitch" and performed "Greenfields". About 200 campus concert are held in the United States. "The Green Leaves Of Summer" is released. "Rally 'round" is released.


Sing for U.S. President J. F. K. at the White House in January. About 200 campus concert are held. "B.M.O.C.", "Song Book", "Roamin' with the Brothers Four" are released. On 9th of July, "My Little John Henry" is performed on Ed Sullivan Show.


The First visit to Japan in April. 200 live performance a year. From Autumn to Winter they complete 54 places concerts include 19 university, 22 college, New York show place and stadium. Recorded live tape becomes famous "Cross Country Concert"(1963). "In Person", "Greatest Hits" are released. On May 20, performed "This Train" and "This Land Is Your Land" on Ed Sullivan Show.


Sing for U.S. President Johnson at "Salote To Congress". World tour included Europe and U.S.S.R. "55 Days At Peking" "Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport" hits. "Big Folk Hits" "Cross Country Concert" are released.


The second visit to Japan in May. "Seven Daffodils" his in Japan. "Sing Of Our Times" "more Big Folk Hits" are released.


The third visit to Japan in September. "Honey Wind Blows", "Try To Remember" are released. February 16, they perform "Sakura", "Rock Island Line" and "Somewhere"
on TV show "Go Go Hullabaloo". November 22,"Try To Remember", "What The Worlds Needs Now" and "Magic Moments" and 'What's New Pussycat?' on the same show.


"Beatles Song Book", "Merry Christmas" are released. January 31,"It Was a Very Good Year" and "How Sweet It Is to be Loved by You" are performed on "Go Go Hullabaloo".


The fourth visit to Japan in August. 12 live performance in Japan. "A New World's Record" is released.


The fifth visit to Japan to perform 13 times in August - September. Sing for U.S. President. Beautiful 5 songs were recorded in Japan. "Today And Yesterday"


The sixth visit to Japan in August. Mike Kirkland leaves The Brothers Four. Mark Pearson joins The Brothers Four. "Let's Get Together" is released featured Mark Pearson.


Released a new world's album "Brothers Four 1970" from Fantasy. The 7th times Japan tour in August. Performed at EXPO '70 Osaka from 26th to 30th Aug. First time I met the Brothers Four vinyl. My historical year of my musical life!!.


The 8th Japan tour in August. 36 concerts in Japan. Bob Haworth plays with The Brothers Four instead of Mark Pearson.


Tom Coe joins with his electric solid bass. Bob Flick got solo activities. New member's "The Brothers Four" studio recording are released. The 9th tour in Japan in August.


The 10th Japan tour in September. On 10th of October takes a live recording at Tokyo Kosei-Nenkin Hall. "Live in Japan" is released.


Bob Flick comes back to the Brothers Four. Released "The Brothers Four NOW". The New acoustic world. The 11th visit to Japan in August.


Sings Japanese Folk music composers. Releases "Where the Eagles Fly". The 12th visit to Japan in August.


Releases the 20th anniversary "Forever Young" album. The 13th visit to Japan in September.


21th.of Dec. Record Christmas concert live in Japan with Japanese girls and boys chorus.


Release "Silver Anniversary Concert"


Mark Pearson comes back to The Brothers Four. Live performance at 30 cities in Japan in June - July. In October Virginia Folk Festival. 70,000 audience an only 3 days. In November 30th anniversary concert at Seattle Opera House. Record "I Hear America Singing" live album.


Makes "Flowers And Green Expo" theme song and releases "Flowers And Green" CD. 25 concerts in Japan from June to July. After that Dick Foley leaves and Terry Lauber comes in the Brothers Four.


Release "In The Name Of Brotherhood" (theme of John Manjiro) CD for Japan-America grassroots Summit.


"Silver Anniversary Concert" is released.
1994, Release "Song For Alamo" included new member's "Green Leaves OF Summer" studio recording.


Toured in Japan. Recoded perfect live in Tokyo 2CD titled "Tokyo Tapes". The live video was broadcasted by Japan satellite broadcasting "WOWOW". Release new original single CD "Big Blue Ball" for Japanese kid's educaional TV program.


"Tokyo Tapes" 2-CDs is released. This is the best performance of their live album in 90's.


Performed at Osaka Bluenote, Fukuoka Bluenote.


Toured around many many cities in the United States. Did the perfect performance at Osaka Bluenote, Fukuoka Bluenote etc. in Japan.


the special 40th Anniversary concert is held in over 20 cities in Japan. Quite wonderful concert. Performed on TV for war-children.


Performed at Osaka Bluenote, Fukuoka Bluenote and some cities in Japan. Performed at Hong Kong.


In April they perform at the WFMA "The Kingston Trio Tribute". Europe concert tour tickets are sold out. Performs on Japan TV. The great performance of Japan tour indicates a new Golden ERA of the Brothers Four comes. A special limited collector's CD named "A Night To Remember" is sold out.


Christmas dinner shows are held in Japan. East Asia tour from Dec. to next Jan.


John Paine graduates over 45 years the Brothers Four life. The best performance is shown at the last two-evening concert at Kikland WA. Terry left the Borhthers Four because of his own music creating works. Mike McCoy and John Hylton join to the new Brothers Four. Japan tour is succeeded and taken live record at Sapporo KITARA Hall in Japan. This will be "This Land Is Your Land" Live CD.


Perform many times in the United States Perform "Green fields" and "Try To Remember" on the PBS TV show. Live at Bluenote Fukuoka, Osaka and Nagoya Japan.


Perform in the NHK TV folk music special show in Japan. Super rare "The Fantasy Years" 2 CD set is released in Japan by good effort of Victor Entertainment Japan.


A one night special live in Tokyo. The best tunes from 1975 to 2006 5 CD plus 1 DVD limited box set is released.


Historical "Golden Anniversary" Live Album is released.
50th Anniv.CD


Dick had been playing the 12 inches cymbal, not tenor guitar nor piano.
Mike and John had played the tenor guitars. Mike sometime played tenor or plecrum banjo. He seemed to learn playing 5 string long neck banjo (Pete Seeger style) after "Greenfields" was recorded.

Greenfields guitar

John(s famous original 6 strings guitar was purchased after "Greenfields" made a smash hit. John bought two D-28s. Unfortunately one of them was stolen when they went fro live tour. He used this D-28 for over 40 years.

AMPEG Baby Bass

Late 60's Bob Flick used solid body up-light bass. It is Ampeg Baby Bass. It looked so cool.

Mistery Guitar

Mike had used rare guitars. Martin 00-12-21 and D-35E. He got his 00-12-21 at McCabes, California. It is seemed to be the only one in the world. So beautiful sound! He likes a lot. D-35SE is another mistery guitar. Mike and Mark, Dick used from about 1968 to 1974. Mike doesn't remember the details of it.

Multi Instrumentalist's gears

Bob Haworth is a great multi instrumentalist. He uses Gibson full acoustic electric guitar, Gibson B-12-25, Guild guitar, and his favorite Yamaha 12strings. But he says haven't got Guild guitar theough there are some pictures he uses it... Mistery
He also uses bluegrass banjo and pedal steel guitar, flute and mandolin or so. After he left the Brotherw Four he played the musical saw and plectrum banjo.

Precision Bass

Tom Coe uses Fender Precision Bass. It is made in 1962. All black with maching head is very cool. Tom had played west coast rock in San Fransisco befor he joined the Brothers Four.