Sekigahara Cave
Sekigahara Syounyuudou (Sekigahara Cave)
Japan, Gifu Prefecture, Sekigahara town
a guide map of cave (Len=518m)

When it goes through the entrance, it is led at a stretch in the artificial tunnel to the back of the cave. "Sea Lily" found by chance at the time of digging though there was no Stalactite in the middle can see the fossil of the creature of the Paleozoic strata. After that, it goes from "Kongo Kutsu" to the exit, and a natural palace like "Yuusendai", "Gyokka Den", "Syouryuu no ma" is created along the brook, and it can be satisfied with the beautiful Stalactite one after another.
An entrance is in the thing of the cave opened in the plain as well, and many parent and child companions and lovers come. Moreover, the inside of cave can do sightseeing by wheelchair, and the rent of the wheelchair is done, too.

JR Tokaido line "Sekigahara" station getting off. For a walking 80-minute (4km). There is no regular route of the bus.
In the case of the car, It turns from Meishin expressway Sekigahara IC to Route 365 left. It turns at the next signal of Mt Ibuki motorway entrance and the crossing of Route 21 bypass left. If it proceeds along the guide plate, it arrives from there in five minutes.
Open: All year daily 9:00-17:00. (31-DEC and 1-JAN is Closed)
Fee: Exploration tour: Adults \700, Students \300, Children \200
Address: Sekigahara Cave Management Office, Tel: 0584-43-0092.


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