Hida Cave
Hida Dai Syounyuudou (Hida Cave)
Japan, Gifu Prefecture, Mibugawa Village, Hida Cave
Ticket Traffic
It rides on the limited express "It is Wide View Hida." of JR "Takayama" line from the Shinkansen Nagoya station, 2 hours 10 minutes. "Takayama" station getting off. From the station of the Takayama bus, by "New Hodaka Onsen" way bus, 28 minutes. 1km from "Syounyudou Guchi" getting off.
In the case of the car, It is along Route 158 which connects Matsumoto with Hidakiyomi. It is never overlooked because a big sign is indicated. Toukaihokuriku Expressway Hidakiyomi IC, 60 minutes. Nagano Expressway Matsumoto IC, 90 minutes.
Open: APR to OCT daily 8:00-17:00. NOV to MAR daily 9:00-16:00
Fee: Exploration tour: Adults \1,000, Students \500, Children free
Address: Hida Cave Management Office, Tel: 0577-79-2211, Fax: 0577-79-2643.

It is the cave which has the scale of the tourist part 800m, a un-Research and Development Division 1000m. The little Stalactite which hasn't developed very much yet takes the greater part with the straw, the Helictite, and so on in the neighborhood (the lower layer) of the entrance. As an exit (the upper layer) is approached, the Stalagmite named a big alien, and a big Column come to the sight. It is really structure as mentioned in the textbook in this point "An upper layer is old, and the lower layer is new."
a guide map of cave
Hidakiyomi IC === 158 === * === ) Abou tunnel ( === Matsumoto IC
But, a ground water movement didn't solution on the upper layer part. A fault side expands by the earthquake, the fault movement, and so on, and it is connected, and it can think that it could be done. Sightseeing in the wall side which was cut sharply and which stood, and the crack can't be experienced in other caves. There is charm As if it gets lost in to the underground gorge.

big alien

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